The Web

  • Taurus Tool & Engineering

    Taurus Tool sent out a request for proposal to design their website. After a lengthy proposal and interview process we won the job! The finished project has been essential for the company's growing brand of specialty cutting tools.

  • TNT Heating and Air

    TNT came to us with an outdated website and wanted to wow their clients as well as becoming more visible in search engines. We redesigned their website and enhanced their social media pages. TNT's staff gets to do what they do best while we handle all their marketing.

  • Fox Fire

    Fox Fire has a reputation around town for being the top Steak house and we needed to create a user experience to match that rapport. The owners came to us wanting to enhance their current online presence and thus convert visitors into reservations. We incorporated the latest OpenTable application as well as vivid graphics to showcase their food within a responsive mobile and tablet framework.


    One of our most modern websites to date, the CRATER website utilizes cutting-edge HTML5 & CSS3 techniques to create a highly interactive flash-like website that works on mobile and tablet devices.

  • Real Clean Aviation Products

    This is a massive site where the customer needed a solution to keep their billing, products and paperwork in line. We gave them an e-commerce solution that allowed them to easily add products, descriptions and update whenever they wanted. This solution saved the client thousands of dollars and gained them many, many customers.

  • Law Offices of Elizabeth McGuan

    This client came to us and wanted a very brief site that highlighted the services she offered. We had the right mix of content with pictures and icons to deliver a site that could be found by search engines and also was responsive.

  • Five Star Aircraft Detailing Inc.

    Fivestar was starting a new business and wanted a professional site that formatted to all phones, I Pads and devices. While they had many services we were able to find a look to match their brand without losing functionality.

  • Tech-Weld, Inc.

    Client had an outdated site and wanted prospective clients to easily navigate through their many services. Their old site had no SEO built in and we were able to capitalize on excellent content and strategic placement to give them a site that has an appealing look and a site that will be found by the search engines.

  • Integrated Natural Medicine

    East meets West in this new site for Integrated Natural Medicine. Featuring a new Logo blending thier services as well as their philosophy. Built with social media and blogging in mind. Check out the WordPress Blog for some health tips and updates on the world of natural medicine.

  • Raya Carlisle Photography

    Raya reached out to us because her old site didn't reflect the amazing photographs she took. We learned more about her business and found a solution where her work could be highlighted in a gallery and potential clients could also read what she was all about.

  • Amani Africa

    We had the unique opportunity to make a church blog look hip and cool to attract the younger audience. We made sure the blog didn't feel like your everyday blog and still allowed the features the client needed to manage what was going on the site.

  • The Next Level Fitness

    The before and after of this site might be our best! This client has a functional calendar along with a website that matches their brand and perception they want to portray to their clients.

  • MD Instruments

    MD Instruments needed to maintain a professional, serious look without the feel of boring. With our new look and colors we were able to take a static site and make it easy on the eyes.

  • Engaging Church

    We had the unique opportunity to make a church blog look hip and cool to attract the younger audience. We made sure the blog didn't feel like your everyday blog and still allowed the features the client needed to manage what was going on the site.

  • Waist Up

    Waist Up needed a large eCommerce site but needed customers to not feel lost. With this Magento site we were able to give Waist Up the tools to manage their business and the look and feel being easy to use for their customers.

  • Beyond Blinds, Inc.

    Brenda and John were looking for a website that they could use for posting blog updates and keeping their customers informed. We gave them a WordPress site that not only is easy for them to use as a CMS, but also looks good.

  • Next Door Garage

    We gave Paul, the owner of a local garage door business, a fresh Facebook fanpage design. Updated with Facebook's new timeline, we added a custom cover photo and a slick tab with a mini version of his site.

  • Liberty Roofing and Siding

    This is a perfect example of a Landing Page that gives the consumer just enough information to keep them interested and contact the business. This site also has the feature when you attempt to leave that a pop up comes up for one last attempt to capture a lead.

  • Little Linda

    For this Flash website, we provided Little Linda with hip, sleek design that utilizes a horizontal layout. Now Little Linda can showcase her professions with style.

  • Fabian Garza

    As an actor/performer, Fabian Garza needed a way to promote his talents effectively through a website. We designed this animated Flash website to mimic his character.

  • Frisco Diva's

    Thai Le approached us with the need to take his professional hair stylist reputation online. His focus on providing his clients the personal touch is what we were asked to design for all his web and print materials. On top of the branding, our SEO team has been driving new customers to his site for the last couple years, thus creating a well oiled marketing machine for his Frisco, TX business!

  • Wheaton Sport Center

    WSC contacted our team with the vision of revamping their current online solution and SEO marketing. We provided a Joomla driven engine for client monthly updates. Site contains over 60 pages integrated within the engine.

  • Select Technology Group

    The client was in need of a new site design and CMS feature for their line card page which is updated often. We built an ASPX admin console for the client to add/edit/del company logos, website location and descriptions.

  • Lifestories: Creating a Memoir

    Rosanne, founder of Lifestories wanted a new website to generate more business for her memoir-writing business. We took her old site and breathed new life into it. With this new look, she has seen an exponential growth in visitors and clients.

  • 320 Auto

    320 asked us for a slick design and a way to generate traffic to their website. We provided them with our SEO service to make sure their URL generates hits on all major search engines.

  • J.A. Detailing Website & SEO

    The owner of J.A. Detailing came to us for a website revamp of his old site. The goal was to create a modern site which showcased the company's aircraft detailing services as well as their training school. We created some flash slideshows and lightbox photo galleries as well as some SEO in order to attract clients to their contact forms.

  • Tusk Thai Restaurant Online

    A local Thai restaurant frequented by our staff was eager to attract more business through a mobile application. TMG created a spicy mobile site with their menu and directions.

  • Atlas Consulting

    Tom, the Owner/President of Atlas Consulting, was looking to increase his online presence with our SEO services and a brand new look and feel to his branding. We built him a whole new website, email newsletter, social media accounts and got him on the first page of Google. Tom has since referred us as a solution to his business partners' online marketing.

  • SlimBooks

    The co-founders of SlimBooks were looking for a team that could provide them with an online store using the latest technologies optimized for modern browsers. We developed an HTML5 web app with responsive web design that works across all devices: desktop computers, tablets and mobiles.

  • Mind's Eye Sports

    Dr. Pete found us on Google and wanted to work with a local web agency on his next online marketing tool: Facebook. We provided him with a new look tailored to Facebook's new Timeline, as well as a mini site to allow potential clients to contact him easier.