The Brand

  • Casa Tierra An Adobe Bed And Breakfast Inn

    In the past they just had a font for a "logo".  We offered up a solution that matches their services perfectly and they couldn't be happier.

  • Veritrust Wealth Management

    This was a tricky logo as they wanted to stay conservative like most financial companies but needed to be different. After a few variations we landed on something they will use on all their marketing pieces.

  • Laura Wegner Voice-Over Artist

    Laura is in a competitive market where it is hard to stand out. We wanted to make a statement and make her shine over her competitors...we accomplished both!

  • Mercado Fresco

    As a non-profit, Mercado Fresco asked if we could donate a small amount of our time to help their cause in Nicaragua. We agreed, and spent a day creating some print materials to assist them in the marketing. Our team provided the logo, business cards, letterhead, flyers as well as posters for their local vendors. Everything turned out Muy Bueno!

  • Skyline Tree Service

    This company had been in business locally for a long time but never had a website that reflected the amazing work they do. We proposed a new logo, sent a photographer to their job locations, took pictures, met with the team and figured out what potential clients were looking for. The end result is a website that will gain them customers in years to come!

  • De Luxe

    One of our hardest sites to brainstorm as the client has a very unique brand. They wanted an old fashioned look to a modern website. We were able to take his colors, logo and knowledge of how the company came about and incorporated it into a site that perfectly reflected who they are! This site comes up time and time again on how we matched exactly what the client was looking for.

  • Real Clean Aviation Products

    Real Clean needed a new eCommerce site that matched their recent new look. We were able to design an e-commerce site with all the bells and whistles while maintaining their professional image.

  • Lab 3 Inc.

    Lab 3 came to us to to create a brand that matched throughout all elements of their marketing. We designed their logo, came up with a tag line and revamped their website so they could attract new clients and "wow" current ones.

  • BJ's Lawn Service

    As a landscape designer customers have to find your information, what you do and see examples of your work all in one place. We created a mini site for BJ's Lawn that was a clean, crisp look as well as us being able to tie in some SEO features to help them in years to come.

  • Supply Hope

    The owner and founder of Supply Hope needed an online presence fast. TMG worked over a weekend in order to publish the site online and also coupled it with a CMS (Content Management System) solution that made the site editable for Supply Hope employee’s. Social media marketing was provided for events and foundation news.

  • Frisco Diva's Hair Salon

    Owner and professional stylist Thai Le approached our team in need of updating his online presence. We provided a sleek modern look that was integrated with his online appointment manager. A custom logo was designed as well as business cards and magnets. Client followers have tripled since our SEO and social media marketing began.

  • Travel Services

    The owner of Travel Services wanted a user-friendly site complete with a custom logo and forms. We made so that logging in and printing forms easy to do from any page on the site. Using jQuery, we abel to provide some interactive slideshow features for the content.

  • The Marketing Group Landing Page

    Need a quick and easy way to find potential clients? Try a custom landing page: it's fast and affordable.

  • Travel Services U.S. Landing Page

    Travel Services U.S. was looking for an easy way to thank their patrons for their business. Our solution was to build them a landing page where they could direct users via email so that they could easily claim prizes by filling out a simple form.

  • Vacation Club Magazine 2011

    We gave The Vacation Club an alternative to going to press with thier annual magazine with this virtual magazine powered by Flash. They were able to save on print costs by utilizing this alternative.