The Marketing Group | Geneva, IL

“The Marketing Group is ahead of the game.”


“We want to put you ahead of the game!”

Our mission is to remain the leader in quality marketing by providing superior products and services that are in tune with the dynamic, ever-changing world of today’s business and consumer.

We won’t sleep until we’ve analyzed industry change, market trends, and the evolution of technology. We’re so in touch with the lifestyle of consumers, we could give them a high-five. We specialize in the most current forms of Online, Traditional, and Incentive marketing, and offer the finest in Creative Services.

We’ve dedicated our work to personalize service, by not only meeting, but also exceeding the expectations of our clients. It’s all about having open ears. We’re listening. Like any good relationship, it’s a conversation. We attract clients not only by virtue of who we are today, but what we will accomplish together tomorrow.

Our mission remains providing quality marketing services and products while maximizing the profits of our clients. We stand alone in our service thanks to the philosophy that our clients are our greatest and most valuable assets.

Our goals are to:

To set the pace, but sprint — keeping our impeccable standard of quality for products while remaining a leader in marketing services.

To be innovative, but classic — maintaining our reputation for excellence in service and customer satisfaction, while challenging ourselves and our clients with new ideas.

To stay on our toes, and keep our fingers on the pulse — anticipating industry change, following market trends and catering to the lifestyles of our customers to provide the best ideas and services to our clients.

To overachieve — exceeding our customer’s expectations while maximizing their profits.

To continue our dedication to quality, and our commitment to excellence.

The works:

1. Make An Impression

We want you to stand out in the crowd. We want to help you sculpt the way consumers think.

2. The Right Tools To Succeed

The Marketing Group’s unique toolbox of services gives you many options to succeed.

3. The Latest Advanced Solutions

We have expanded new branches of our company to focus on the recent trends!

4. Strength In Numbers

Our marketing group will let customers know that we haven’t stopped, and never will.

5. Member Based Global Services

Global branding, where we began, remains a core product of our proven methodology.

6. Affordable Online Presence

Need help getting your vision of an ideal site online? We’ve got the talent to listen and deliver.

Services & Solutions:

Creative Services

– Brand Strategy and Creation

– Website Design and Development

– Custom Video and Photography

– Logo and Graphic Design

– Printing Management

Online Marketing

– Email Marketing Campaigns

– Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

– Mobile Marketing

– Copywriting and Editing

– Custom Blogs

Traditional Marketing

– Direct Mail Marketing

– Media Placement – Radio – TV

– Lead Generation

– Call Center

– Voice Broadcasting

Incentive Marketing

– Incentive Travel

– Private Label Incentives

– Lifestyle Benefit Programs

– Sweepstakes Programs

– Customer Retention Programs

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THE Party is tonight!

THE Party is tonight!

Don’t Miss THE Talk Of The Town Tomorrow- 5-7pm Tonight! After Hours Geneva Chamber Event Hosted By The Marketing Group and DSA. It’s THE Difference!!!

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How To Build A Gold Medal Team

How To Build A Gold Medal Team

February 15th, 2014 by Jason Rader

As most of us tune in daily to watch the best of the best athletes from all over the world I thought it was appropriate to write about building a team that can “go for the gold” in business.

Often in today’s ever changing marketplace businesses focus mainly on individual performance and forget about empowering the group.  What some of these companies forget is that products are so close and competitive, potential clients are often digging deeper before they pick a company to do business with.

Whether it is the secretary who is informative and shows passion or the customer service rep that is called upon for in depth knowledge of dealing with potential problems, every employee matters and every employee could make or break a deal for you.

Here are some tips for building your Olympic team:


This does not mean hire people who want to be entrepreneurs; this means to hire people who have the potential to treat the company like it is their own business.

Employees who think outside the box and not just for their specific job description make the company strong, other employees stronger and bring ideas to the table that tend to contribute to the big picture and bottom line.


Good leaders are good negotiators.  Good Sales people are good negotiators.  In any team you have to be willing to give and take…if people don’t understand how to negotiate, the team will not be able to function to the highest ability.


At the end of the 3rd period in Olympic hockey someone always seems to step up and provide a spark that the whole team uses to feed off of.  As a manager your energy, your effort and your willingness to be available to your employees will go a long way in setting the tone.


Athletes always talk about the advantages of having a team that care for each other on and off the court.  Remember your office culture not only affects the current employees but also helps you recruit new employees.  Ensure all your employees know each other, their strengths and weaknesses, how they communicate and have personal investment in each other.  A team that plays together will stay together.

While the winner of the Winter Olympics is still playing out you can start today on building your winning team.  It is a task that demands a lot of time but your odds of building a Gold Medal Team will increase if your passion inspires your team to build into something bigger than themselves.

Go USA and Good Luck!

Jason Rader is Vice President of Sales and Marketing at THE Marketing Group Inc. – a Geneva, IL – based marketing company specializing in consulting, online marketing and web design.


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The Marketing Group Inc Geneva, IL

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The NEW Geneva Chamber Of Commerce Website is coming…


This will change chamber sites forever!

Don’t miss the launch party February 25th!

More details to follow.

At THE Marketing Group … It’s THE Difference!!!

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PK Tax Services, L.L.C. | South Elgin, IL




Pat Kolodziej, a Certified Public Accountant since 1993, is a tax specialist with more than 18 years professional experience. Pat likes working with small business and knows how to help you make the most of your tax situation.

If you are looking for a tax specialist near you, Pat is the one to see. She will answer all of your tax questions.
224) 227-6061

87 South McLean Boulevard Suite A
South Elgin, Il 60177


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Metro East Overhead Doors | Belleville, IL

Did your 16-year old just happen to back into your garage? Are you late for a meeting and your garage door won’t open? Are you sick of the creaking noises coming from your garage? Let Metro East Overhead Doors help you!

Metro East sells and installs new residential garage doors. They also service all makes and models of residential garage doors, including light and medium commercial overhead doors. Plus, their maintenance experts can restore your existing garage door with replacement parts!
618) 719-1125

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Use Window Wise For All Your Home Window Needs!

Window Wise | Austin TX


Make Window Wise in Austin Texas is your first choice for professional window installation. Owner Scott Noel and co-worker Doug Garwood have over 20 years experience in the construction industry. Scott and Doug are certified window installation professionals who earned their certificates through much hard work and nothing but the best in quality installation.

Whether your project be large or small, give Window Wise a call at (512) 444-9001 or visit them on the web at

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Schaumburg’s #1 Chiropractic Services!

BLUM Chiropractic | Schaumburg, IL


Are you suffering from a sports or car accident injury? Don’t wait any longer for relief.

Dr. Blum is a graduate of the National College of Chiropractic. He graduated “Summa Cum Laude”, and was the salutatorian and president of his graduating class. He has also earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Biology and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Physical Education.

Upon graduation Dr. Blum had also earned his certification in Meridian Therapy Acupuncture, X-Ray and Spinography, Physiological Therapeutics and Cadaver Dissection among others.

Begin your road to wellness today and call (630) 351-4700 or visit

Keep up with BLUM’s daily tips on facebook at

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